Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PowerShell Script To Update All UPN’s

This quick script will process all your user accounts in the domain and change the UPN for each of them to a new one, which you need to specify in the script in advance of running it. This script is useful for Office 365 Rich Co-Existence scenarios which require that the UPN (User Principal Name) for each account matches their email address.

Before running the below, add the UPN that you are going to use (your verified vanity domain in Office 365) to Active Directory Domains and Trusts and then copy the below to a text file, saving it as Update-UPN.ps1. Then run this script from an Exchange Management Shell.

$users = Get-User * -ResultSize Unlimited
foreach($user in $users)
   $UPN = "$($user.sAMAccountName)@new.upn"
    Write-Host "Setting " $UPN
   $user | Set-User -UserPrincipalName $UPN

Tip: Comment out the Write-Host line with # if you do not want feedback on each user changed – it will make the script go much faster

Tip: For testing purposes change the * in the first line to the name of a test user or do something like test* to change all users starting with the word “test” in their username.

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