Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vonage Installation with NTL as Your Broadband Provider

Connecting the router was easy, just followed the instructions, the only thing that I had to do (as I did not turn off my NTL cable modem) was clone the mac address of the current firewall onto the Linksys VoIP router (this is a setting in the Linksys admin pages).

Voice quality over a 2Mb line is good, and the 200K upload speed that I currently have will allow me to have two phones on the line as each uses 90K per call.

Role on NTL's upgrade to 10Mb lines in 2006

Saturday, September 10, 2005

ntl Netguard Installation with Roaming Profile

I installed ntl Netguard yesterday, the free antivirus software provided by this broadband provider. The comments on various forums where that it was easy to install but I found this to be incorrect advice. The main issue, and the one I blog about here is the creation of the required product folders when you have a remotely stored profile folder caused due to Active Directory/Group Policy folder redirection policies.

For the software to install you need to create the "logs" and "test" folder in the "ntl netguard" folder, which needs to be in the "ntl" folder in your Application Data folder. All the folders in quotes you need to create.